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I was referred to Tony through a mutual friend and was hesitant to read “another newsletter.” I was told this one will be different. I tried the 30 day free trial and haven’t put it down since. It is invaluable to me and my business. Tony writes very well and delivers timely information that offers great insight into all markets. It’s a quick read in the morning that also has great humor. He quotes different sources from all across the street and offers links to those articles to extend the information flow. His newsletter brings both a macro view on the markets but then offers investment idea’s to implement if I choose. His passion to be the best is clearly evident, you will find this newsletter to a great resources too. Tom

Tony’s daily note strikes the right tone between incisive ideas and killer actionable setups. He’s always on point and the Morning Navigator is peppered with slice of pop culture humor and a little fun to spice up my morning brew.
– Andrew Boag, Real Vision
The Morning Navigator is a daily essential for those who have business, interest or investments in today’s markets. His words are straightforward and always relevant to what’s happening in the world of economics. The entertaining Study Break will keep you coming back for more.
– Brian Leith, Nesvick Trading Group
As a financial advisor I’m less glued to my screen then my days as a hedge fund pm, but I still need to know the pulse of the markets. I find reading TG’s daily keeps me abreast of what’s driving the market, and his charting skills have been honed for 3 decades which provide a tremendous compliment to any news I’m digesting. Of course his writing style is unique, inspiring, thoughtful, and hopefully the last one the cyborgs replace!!
– Kevin “Shamrock” O’Neill -FA
The Morning Navigator succinctly and insightfully makes sense of the macro picture, while being respectful of the micro. Tony does a great job of giving his opinion on the charts and technicals which are the current “tells” that demand attention and explains why he thinks those “tells” help tie in with the fundamentals driving markets.
– Kieran Goodwin, Panning Capital
Although Tony is a natural trader and I am extremely long term. I read his work religiously because his trading logic is laced with fundamental insights not to mention humor and fabulous quotes.
– Dave Collum, Cornell University, Betty R. Miller Chemistry & Chemical Biology Chair
Tony has outstanding insight and can summarize complicated topics into a digestible format. He has a great eye for off-the-beaten path stories that are relevant for macro and micro investors alike.
– Brian
Tony brings a trader’s rigor and insight to the Morning Navigator. His diverse experience across asset classes and institutions have given him a great feel for macro markets and what’s driving the price action. I have a deep respect for his network of industry contacts and sniff for value. Great insight and fun to read.
– Mark Tolette, Morgan Stanley
Tony Greer’s multi-decade cross-asset experience support his differentiated outlook on global capital markets. I open up TG Macro every day to get a read on market sentiment and the technical setup across equities, currencies, fixed income and commodities. His edge is fueled by bringing a confidence in opinions to deliver very clear forecasts where there is no room for interpretation.
-Aaron Sweeney Analytcial Research
Tony Greer’s Morning Navigator paints a sharp discerning picture of the global macro world every trading day. He combines fundamental insights with a technical perspective that brings focus to a chaotic global landscape. Tony leverages his vast network to bring informative trading insights with an added bonus of humor and inspirational quotes to get you in the right state of mind to start your day. I highly recommend the Morning Navigator. Robert Meyer

LPS Capital

Great stuff as always, I may be biased since TG Macro is my first read every morning. It’s the smell of coffee and trading in the morning. Tony has a great marco-techno approach and he delivers it in an educational and entertaining manner. Hands down my favorite technical analyst especially since it’s not done in a vacuum. I’ve been reading his stuff for years so I was delighted to see him start his own product. I was one of the first subscribers just like I was one of RealVision’s first subscribers. I highly recommend you check him out. Skip Reed

Analytical Research

The Morning Navigator brings a fresh perspective to an industry filled with sheep/herd mentality.  His thinking is original and unique.  Unbiased and informative with a healthy dose of fun thrown in the mix.  Out of the 50 things I need to read before the market opens, I always make time for TG. Chris

UBS New York