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BTW I have repeatedly said that whoever wins in November will be sworn-in in January. There is no mechanism by which someone could cling to power if they lose the election.

Uhm...guys. I'm sure we can get a bulk order price for the Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table. #NEED @RudyHavenstein @RaoulGMI @chigrl @SantiagoAuFund @kevinmuir @dailydirtnap

@TgMacro Indeed. I’m like a vulture circling Phoenix ashes. Just waiting for the gay bears to leave the carcass to go have sex with the real vision crew and then I’m in there like stank on skank.

Agree with TG here. "Safe harbor day" is Dec 8 and there is plenty of legal precedent after Bush/Gore to stop recounts at that time.

Is there a betting line on when we'll know the election results? I'll take the under "weeks/months." Wrote about an orderly transfer of power today in my note. Because it's happening.

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