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Amaranth didn't collapse in 2006 because it made bad bets. It collapsed because it made a large bet and the street figured out its positioning - so simply had to machine gun nat gas futures until the firm got margin called and blew up. This is what is happening now in stonks.

“Nothing I decide about the world will make me
any money. If I’m going to trade profitably, I can only do that by listening to what the market is telling me.” - @TgMacro Love this quote. I always think what is the market saying.

Friends, Romans, Cannabis Rangers - if you haven't signed up for @todd_harrison on Substack you're not going to be as well informed as you'd like.

It's as if the severe lockdowns were intended (and extended) to ensure as much pain as possible while Trump was still in office.
One week into a new admin and now these cities say it's ok to open? Even w/infections high?
The hypocrisy is stunning.

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