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Morning Navigator

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The Morning Navigator Newsletter

The Morning Navigator is my daily journal of global markets, music, sports, inspiration and pop-culture that will become the morning note you can’t wait to read versus the stack of notes you are supposed to read.

Our newsletter network expanded to reach over 1,000 professionals on a daily basis. Over the last fifteen years TG Macro has developed the ability to narrate global markets and identify risk/reward in a form that is bursting with information and character.

Covering trading opportunities across global markets and leveraging our vast network to bring informative trading insights with an added bonus of humor and inspirational quotes to get you in the right state of mind to start your day.

* Included In Morning Navigator and Point Lookout Packages


Icebreaker Market Recap Videos

The Icebreaker is my 10-minute video recap of the week in market performance. It is recorded and released once a week on Friday or Saturday.

* Included In Morning Navigator and Point Lookout Packages

Month End Technical Tour

The TG Macro Technical Tour is a long form monthly publication which covers four macro sectors – currencies, commodities, rates, and stocks – from a technical analysis and thematic perspective. The Technical Tour is my structural overview of the market which drills down into updates on individual trade ideas.

* Included In Point Lookout Package Only

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Private Slack Group

The TG Macro private Slack group will fulfill my mission of creating a TG Macro community and establishing closer relationships with my investing community.

TG Macro Slack will be divided into 5 channels. Tony Greer will be the moderator and guide daily conversations across the – Currency, Commodity, Rates, and Stocks channels – with relevant data points and real time observations. On Fridays and through the weekend – the TG Macro MUSIC CHANNEL will be open for lighter discussion, tension relief, and musical experience merging.

Everyone with a “Point Lookout Pass” is encouraged to participate rather than spectate, but spectating is allowed.

* Included In Point Lookout Package Only

Can anyone name a journalist who has been fired for ommitting relevant facts? Or getting a story totally wrong?

Who was fired for "hands up don't shoot?"
For "Russia colluded with Trump."
For "Hunter Biden's laptop is disinformation"?

The list is endless.

They have one job!

I am quite sure that those pushing the green agenda have precious little understanding of what that would actually entail

@pboockvar on today's PPI report: "The ever rising cost of product procurement, spiking prices for...shipping and multi year highs in commodity prices are now government statistics. The y/o/y more than base effect as the m/o/m numbers are up sharply too."

SO FAR - there is a $69M jpeg, a sports arena in Miami, laser eyes, and an IPO coming in #Bitcoin. That’s the sentiment cap at $60K at the moment.

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