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The Morning Navigator is my daily journal of global markets, music, sports, inspiration and pop-culture that will become the morning note you can’t wait to read versus the stack of notes you are supposed to read.

I am deeply thankful for those who fought to provide US the freedoms that we enjoy today. On this day in history, our Founders set forth a bold set of ideals that laid the foundation for our great democracy. Happy 244th USA 🇺🇸 !

Leftist propaganda outlet that cancels Geo. Washington & Mt. Rushmore, defends iconoclasm and racial disharmony, opposes rule of law, etc., claims defense of America and equal justice under law against their efforts is “dark” and “divisive.”

months of insane spin, fraudulent trials, back-and-forth rhetoric. i just read through the report, here, and still don't know what's true. nothing better illustrates our present information disaster than the hydroxychloroquine story.

With Rates at Zero

Bank of America's balance transfer fee is 3% or 5% of the transaction amount, and interest immediately starts accruing at an annual rate of 17.99% to 26.99%. But, but, but, no worries, banks are pledging $1B over ten years on racial injustice and inequality?

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