Morning Navigator

$60.00 /month • $650/year

The newsletter starts with a daily look at current market events and analysis of significant security moves through the lens of a technician with 25 years of trading experience across asset classes.  There’s technical analysis and coverage of a wide range of macro topics in each topic and a personal interest section called Study Break to appeal to the human side in every risk manager. The mission of this newsletter is to become the morning note you read first.

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Point Lookout Package

$137.50/month • $1,500/year

Institutional investors and active traders need an accountable analyst in the lookout tower to analyze price action and anticipate trade opportunities on a regular basis.

Subscribers to the Point Lookout Package will receive:

• 1 mid-month technical update across asset classes
• 1 month-end technical update across asset classes within 3 days of the last trading day of the month
• 1 long form TG Macro Monthly report across equities, rates, currencies and commodities
• 1 annual Morning Navigator newsletter subscription

Plus other timely market musings, must read articles, and must listen podcasts that I deem necessary.