Icebreaker 26FEB21 – major rise in yields dents high flying stocks but not commodities.

Can anyone name a journalist who has been fired for ommitting relevant facts? Or getting a story totally wrong?

Who was fired for "hands up don't shoot?"
For "Russia colluded with Trump."
For "Hunter Biden's laptop is disinformation"?

The list is endless.

They have one job!

I am quite sure that those pushing the green agenda have precious little understanding of what that would actually entail

@pboockvar on today's PPI report: "The ever rising cost of product procurement, spiking prices for...shipping and multi year highs in commodity prices are now government statistics. The y/o/y more than base effect as the m/o/m numbers are up sharply too."

SO FAR - there is a $69M jpeg, a sports arena in Miami, laser eyes, and an IPO coming in #Bitcoin. That’s the sentiment cap at $60K at the moment.

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