Cayman Transformation ’18

The combination of my 17th wedding anniversary in a place my wife and I adore, the team from Real Vision hosting a conference for contributors and meeting fellow independent market analysts I truly admire made for a transformational weekend for me, and for T.G. Macro.

I got to spend some time hanging out and on camera with Tom Thornton, the founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry and Dave Roberts, founder of Aspen Trading Group.  We recorded a great discussion on global markets for an exciting new Real Vision piece called The Exchange, and we became fast friends.  These guys, are my new desk mates.  We are all in hot pursuit of the most accountable ideas we can find across the spectrum of global opportunities, and I’m thrilled that I can reach out to pick their brain or learn where Tommy shops for his brilliant Catamaran “all-whites.”

I was blessed to meet an inspirational writer and free thinker, Jawad Mian.  Jawad gave me a copy of his book, Stray Reflections, which is a summation of his blog which I finished before JetBlue dropped down at JFK.   The book is a collection of short, but extremely introspective pieces Jawad has written across worldly topics from birthing, to parenting, to opening your heart to learn who you really are, to embracing the moment rather than sweating the past and future so much.  It will land on my “reachable shelf” for regular inspiration.   His pursuit of truth in life and in markets is partially responsible for the writer’s reset I got from the weekend that will be necessary to move powerfully forward, and I mean powerfully.  I think Jawad’s departing bear hug may have done the trick.

Speaking of the pursuit of truth, consider I’m an anglophile who got to meet the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Real Vision, Damian Horner.  He looked and sounded quite like Eric Clapton, only far more brilliant in his own sphere of domination.  I’ve always defined the American Dream as when my Dad earned a paycheck (as a trader,) payed our rent/food/education bill, and put the balance of the money away at 15% interest for a few years to experience the mighty power of compounded interest.  Truth be told, I’ve desperately been searching for what the next American Dream is and Damian was kind enough to inform me that I’m living it.

“The American Dream is now to go west…form a startup…be your own brand and live your own life.”

Boom.  That resonated with me like the opening riff of Runnin’ with the Devil.  Damian makes change happen, Raoul Pal, Grant Williams, and the staff at Real Vision are well equipped to steward that change, and I’m excited to be a part of their team of contributors.  We’re about to disrupt financial television in the exact way I dreamed of when I left my post at GMP Securities.

Stay tuned good people.  You’re going to see more of us.


Your agency colluded w/ a sanctioned Russian oligarch's bagman to peddle lies to the FISA courts so you could illegally spy on a presidential campaign, illegally leak what you heard, and overturn an election result you didn't like.

Where's my $10 million?

Blue-state voters will not want to hear this, but this investigation of a major-party presidential candidate (and later a president) by a combination of the FBI and hired Democratic Party oppo researchers is much the same story as Watergate, only worse.

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