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The TG Macro Trading Apprenticeship offers 2 or 4 one-hour trading consultations over the course of one month. The offer is stackable, so you may buy multiple quantities to extend your apprenticeship over the course of several months.

Session 1 – Meet and Greet – I get to know the trader’s level of market knowledge and trading acumen. I begin discussing position sizing and shaping your portfolio for performance.

Session 2 – Setup Recognition – I illustrate how to use technical analysis to identify risk reward, tactical entries and exits, upsizing your bet.

Session 3 and 4 – Tactical Coaching – in sessions 3 and 4 I try to calibrate the trader to the current market environment, plotting trades likely to succeed, and discussing more advanced tactical trading techniques.

The course is designed to take a trader through the tactical though process of position sizing, trade entry, stop-loss levels, target setting, trading timeframe, trailing stops, proper trend-line use, incorporating Fibonacci levels, and living to trade another day.

The TG Macro trading apprentice program is an phenomenal resource and worth every penny.  Tony is not just a great trader, analyst, portfolio manager and mentor, but an amazing teacher as well.  After only two sessions with him I am much more confident in my ability to take what the markets are telling me and proactively trade on that information.  Equally as important, by utilizing his trading framework, technical analytics, and case study teachings I can get in and out of positions at the right times, lock in gains, minimize downside risk and sleep at night knowing that every trade I make is the result of a rigorous, disciplined, and time-tested process.  Tony and all of the TG Macro products are amazing resources that I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about how and why markets behave as they do, identifying potentially profitable trades with as much certainty as possible, and successfully trading on that information.
Pem Huddleston

Number of Hours

2 Hour Block, 4 Hour Block